• Catalogs
    Annual reports
    Press Releases
    Corporate Magazines
    Centralize and optimize the
    administration, organization and
    distribution of your corporate
  • Reach your audience through diverse
    channels with centralized control
  • Improve the visualization of
    groups of publications and
  • Multi-document search engine
    that gives direct access to
    the pages where the search
    results are found
  • Private document rooms for
    secure content sharing
  • Turn your business cards into a new
    communication and distribution
    channel for your content
  • Find out where, when, what and
    who views and accesses your

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Do you want to centralize and optimize the administration, organization and distribution of all your marketing materials?
Do you want to save time by automatizing content publishing on your website and make sure that the information you present is always up-to-date?
If you can do this with less work than before, then you have found an ideal solution.
Sales/B2B Marketing
Do you want to be able to contact the most interested leads after sending a campaign to thousands of recipients?
Do you want to increase the number of clients and contracts closed during and after a trade show?
Our clients have increased their success and sales rates by carrying out pro-active follow-up, which had been impossible up until now.
Internal Communication/Human Resources
Do you know if the recipients of an e-mail communication actually read it? If so, do you know what they have read?
Do you have problems with the secure distribution of large and strategically sensitive internal documents?
Our clients have managed to communicate better with their interest groups and securely share information.
Corporate Communications
Do you still manage and publish your periodical publications on your website manually?
Do you need to quickly and reliably find relevant information among many different documents?
Our clients save a lot of time when it comes to digitizing and publishing their financial reports, documents and corporate magazines.

BHybrid makes content administration and accessibility evolve in organizations, optimizing business, marketing and communication processes.

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