Optimize the management, access, control and distribution of digital content

Presentation, Whitepaper, Promotional brochure, Price List, Paper, Manual, Legal document, Internal Rules, Book, Commercial Proposal, Catalog, Corporate Magazine, Report, Press release, Newsletter, ...


Did you know that thanks to the contents that you already produce you can increase the number of leads captured?

Capture new leads

Automate the process of attracting new leads using content and contact information forms on websites and social media platforms.
Do you know how many working hours your sales team waste calling and contacting leads who are not interested in your offering?

Automated sales follow-up

Create and run email campaigns for your business by generating qualified leads for your sales force and your collaborators.
Make the ROI clearer and honor the agreements between the marketing department and sales delivering qualified leads directly to each sales representative.
Close more sales working exclusively with leads who are interested in your offer.

Do you know the behaviour of your readers and the level of interest that your different content produce?

Content that adds value

Improve your digital content and make it 100% indexable, more accessible, multi-device compatible and always up to date.
Convert your PDF content into a format based on viewing rights accessible via a simple URL and immediate access without any downloads.

Integrated, custom made analytics

Get analytics, metrics and unique real-time reporting of content, reader behaviour and channels.


Do you know how much time your employees and other stakeholders loose when searching for information inside digital and printed material?

Automatic indexing of contents for faster and easier search

Avoid that information, which is aimed to reach your stakeholders, remain hidden in PDF files and instead make it easy to access the specific page within a publication where the information searched for is found.

Fast and visual content publishing

Publish your content as fast a PDF, but with the same accessibility and traceability as normal text and content on web sites.
Simplify the work for updating content on websites or intranets and automate the publishing process.

Do you know how much your organization loose every year on errors made due to inefficient communication?

Intelligent content management

Improve the management and organization of your digital publications and documents.
Organize multiple contents with different systems of categorization and classification.

Share in an improved and easier way

Stop sending PDF files and make it possible to access the same information without having to download it or losing control over it, regardless of its size.
Decide who can access your content and if the are allowed to share it with others.

Are you aware of the opportunities that are lost by not controlling the distribution of your printed and digital content?

Distribution of printed and digital material

Automate the control of one-to-one deliveries of printed and digital content in an integrated manner.
Know what printed material that your collaborators have handed out and to whom while, at the same time, allowing the content to be digitally delivered in the same process.
Do you know how much time is lost when executing e-mail communication using traditional methods?

Mass communication by e-mail in 3 clicks

Perform your email communication with your stakeholders quicker and easier, leveraging the content you have already produced or are producing.

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