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Dynamic visualization of multiple documents and publications


It solves the problem faced by many organizations in managing the visualization and accessibility of multiple documents and publications on an intranet or extranet website.

Improve your content's accessibility and readability
Automate content publishing and save time
Improve your content's dissemination
Improve your website's quality by not showing out-of-date information
Enable different departments to publish content on the website without having to send information or distribute the same file in several locations
Send dozens of documents in an email without attachments, since an access URL indicates their location instead

Exclusive features

Replace PDF lists with bookshelves that have customizable designs

Thanks to this modern, elegant and fast system, PDFs that require a download are now a thing of the past.

Empower the managers of each department
Any person without technical know-how can manage the digital bookshelf system and create, customize and fill one or more shelves with content in a matter of minutes. It is also very easy to manage content publishing in one or several bookshelves without relying on anyone else.
Visualize a group of publications in one or more places at once
The system makes it easier to publish the same or similar content in one or dozens of places without needing to have the same file in different locations.
Any person without technical know-how can create, design and select content based on publications and documents, saving time by automating the publishing process.

Improve searches for grouped publications and documents

With our platform you can search a group of publications or documents with a single click.

Our revolutionary system allows you to find any content in a few seconds and it gives you access to specific pages where the text is located.

Integrate the results of active documents and publications with your website search engine
It includes a search engine for published content in digital bookshelves embedded on the website

Program content appearance or disappearance

Program content availability. No need to worry about enabling access to new content or disabling access to expired content.

Direct content publication
Programmed content publishing
Programmed content redirection

Smart organizing of multiple documents and publications

Managing multiple files without a logical organization may lead to hours of wasted time trying to administrating them.

Group Management
Basic organization by creating different groups of publications and documents.
Category Management
Organization in related groups and multilevel categories, allowing an efficient handling and visualization of many different types of product publications.
Market Management
Organizing based on markets which allows content to be associated to several markets without duplicating them.
Brand Management
Enables the organization between different own and third party brands.
Having an organized content leads to additional benefits:

Get analytical reports on your content based on different organizing criteria
Use organizing criteria to filter content searches in grouped publications and documents
Visually structure the organization of content in digital bookshelves


Document-centric web content management

Manage website content in an easierway and enhance its presentation and accessibility when presenting it in visual bookshelves, taking advantage of the materials that you already have.

Reduce the webmaster's workload by automating the publishing of content on the website
Access to content in a much more visual and intuitive way
Each bookshelf can group one or multiple contents
The same document can be accessed from one or multiple digital bookshelves
Each bookshelf can be accessed via a simple URL or embedded in one or multiple websites
You can place your content in a restricted area of your website and ensure that only registered users can view it

Internal indexed content archive

Integrable on corporate intranets or extranets and applicable to different departments and types of documents and publications

A very useful system for displaying information you want to share without having to distribute the original file, keeping the information centralized and controlled but accessible.

It allows access to both public content and content for internal use only
It allows you to centrally organize content, saving time
It enables content sharing between different departments
Instant access to content, as it does not require downloading of PDF:s or other files
It reduces network traffic and decreases mail server workload, as it is not necessary to attach files to share information
It enables you to search among all content available and access the specific pages in all the documents where the search result is found

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