hybrid dataroom  |  Intranet for documents

Private document rooms for fast, easy and secure content sharing with your stakeholders


BHybrid provides traceability for documents, allowing information to be securely shared and allowing recipients to always have access the latest version if changes are made.

Save time while organizing and distributing your documents
Save money by not having to print your documents for viewing
Increase the security of your documents
Define who has access to your documents with complete control
Give your interest groups private access rooms for assigned documents

Providing solutions

Remote access and manageable content monitoring solution which allows you to display one or dozens of documents or publications with independent access, visualization and control criteria.

Using the PDF format for sending content or accessing documents leads to a loss of controls of the original content. From the moment you allow download of a PDF or attach it in an email you can no longer guarantee its traceability or custody.

Exclusive features

Provides your interest groups with quick access to your documents in secure private spaces

Manage and organize your documents and provide differentiated access to your customers or suppliers (extranet), your employees or collaborators (intranet).

Protect and monitor your documents anywhere in the world without losing control over them

You can monitor, control, protect and share your content anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds without losing control over it or having to download the original file.

Automatic content indexing for express searches through hundreds of documents

With our platform you can search through a group of documents with a single click.

Our revolutionary system allows you to find any content in a few seconds and it gives you access to specific pages where the text is located.

Improve the organization of your documents with advanced categorization systems

Optimize document management and the maintenance of your content, saving time every day.

Different classification systems help you organize your documents and allow you to define who can access them.

Know where, when, what and who views and accesses your documents

Thanks to BHybrid's analytics system, you can control all documents viewed by your interest groups so that you always know who views what. You will also get geo-referenced data, device technical information and access data.

Improve the quality and accessibility of the information you want to produce or present

Our virtualization solution is capable of converting any PDF-file in a matter of minutes so that it can be viewed through a content viewer in a page-flip format.

You can decide whether you want the content to be downloaded in pdf format, or if you want to print or search through it. You can also include an index and sections in your virtualized documents.

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It allows you to manage multiple secure private rooms with access to virtualized content
It allows you to display one, tens or hundreds of documents
It allows you to display the same document in several rooms and always keep it up-to-date


It allows you to search for content in all documents and directly check the page/s where the result is found
It allows content to be viewed without having to be downloaded
It facilitates viewing without losing control of the originals


It allows individual access keys to be given to different people for the same room
It allows you to nominally monitor access to content

Control and Analysis:

It allows you to control the reading quality of all content
It allows you to limit the printing and downloading options of each piece of content


For any organization that wants to give their interest groups (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.) access to a secure and controlled environment where they can view content without having to be sent by email or downloaded.

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