hybrid businesscard  |  Multichannel Business Cards

Centralized management of corporate business cards with virtualized content access


An ideal solution for your employees and collaborators, for both sales and other departments.

Provide cardholders with a system that allows them to display dynamic information and access updated information.
Take advantage of your printed material and make it accessible from corporate cards, saving on printing costs and logistics.
Allow recipients of your business cards to contact you more easily and through multiple channels.
Enable recipients of your business cards to add your information to their phone's contact list.
Link your business cards to your organization's social networks.

Centralized management of the Digital Corporative ID

Allows for the evolution of traditional tools and processes that have, until now, not been integrated with new technologies and for centralize the handling of the Digital Corporative ID of employees and collaborators through different channels. This will also make it easier to follow regulations and facilitate the access working with multiple countries and different platforms from:

Printed/digital corporative business cards
E-mail signatures (different functionalities)
Professional profiles (e.g. LinkedIn)
The "contact section" of a web site or presentation of employees

Everything ends up in the same Place but arrives in different ways

A combination of different technologies and systems that take all types of information recipients into account, from traditional to technological.

Evolution of Communication channels and profitability improvement for your content

Allows you to improve the ROI for your content and make them more accesible through reducing mass communication and encouraging one2one dialogue with your stakeholders.

Integrate it both through QR-codes as well as short URL:s which offers better accessibility for the recipients.

Permits giving specific persons access to your corporative content (brochures, catalogs, promotions etc.) and improving the quality of your communication reducing the use of invasive communication channels.

Integrated and custom made analytics

New and valuable information which permits you to have qualitative and cuantificable arguments with regards to profesional activities, channels and devices for your stakeholders.
Access to the ranking of business cards and information regarding the distribution of virtualized contents which has been imposible until now.
Calculation of the savings and the eco-footprint generated by the reduction of physical media.

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