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Express distribution of virtualized contents monitorable via email


A new way to send documents, publications, promotions and any type of content without relying on HTML or the use of attachments

Sending bulk e-mails can be simple, fast and controlled with smart access to the content sent

The use of email with PDF attachments often becomes a problem because it creates infoxication, since there is no certainty that the recipient will get, see or read the information.

The use of the PDF format increases printing and toner costs as well as paper consumption.

Featured benefits

Guaranteed time savings: email deliveries in just 3 clicks
Automate unsubscription requests
Reduce spam rates thanks to our delivery systems
Get a continuously updated database that monitors the traffic and bounced e-mails
Avoid sending attachments
Access unique analytical information for each delivery

Exclusive features

Strategic emails to individuals, businesses or interest groups should be monitored and sent in a centralized and controlled manner

Opening alerts

What better time to contact someone than when they are viewing the information you have sent them?

With our platform you can manage e-mail alerts so that you receive a message when the recipient accesses and reads your message and e-mail content.

Monitoring delivery success

After sending a bulk e-mail you will increase your success and save time if you are able to call those recipients who have shown an interest in your message. Something which has been impossible until now.

For all monitored deliveries, you can find out the recipients who have viewed your virtualized content and see if they have only read part or all of it.

The correct management of contact databases is the secret to your internal, external, corporate and commercial communications being successful

BHybrid helps protect, clean, validate, enrich, control and monetize your databases, complying with the strictest laws.

The following may already be or, sooner or later, become a problem for your organization: data accumulation, lack of quality control, lack of unsubscription management centralization or file management, of its sources and forms, as well as data transfer.

Detailed reports for each of your deliveries

Know where, when, what and who views and accesses the content sent in your communications

Access the list of delivered and returned emails and interested recipients
Get information on recipient quality
Get information on success quantification
Get information on interactivity quality
Get information on openings
Find out who has read what

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