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Do you want to centralize and optimize the administration, organization and distribution of all your marketing materials?

We help you improve your online marketing using the resources that you already have. Virtualized digital content saves hours of work, it increases the percentage of customers who read your promotional material and it expands attention time.

Advanced bookshelves also solve the problem of being able to search for products from many different catalogs and present product ranges in an effective and accessible manner.

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Did you know that you can get a better return on your investment in traditional and printed material by hybridizing it?

By hybridizing traditional printed material we help you reach all target groups that read paper publications but with digital interactivity which enriches your content and gives it more depth.

Thanks to the automatically incorporated metrics and control systems, if you want you can improve your information and unify the metrics of different channels, differentiating them. Doing this with us will allow you to obtain homogeneous data on one or dozens of channels, countries and markets.

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Do you want to improve the rate of return on your promotions and find out what happens to them in real time?

Improving the attention rate of customers who read your promotions and the attention time they devote to the promotional material and finding out what they are searching for in your product range, is possible through reading controls and access by area, page and section control, as well as click monitoring in real time.

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Do you want to manage the content on your website in a way that reduces your webmaster's workload?

Manage website content with greater ease.
BHybrid permits the integration of organization and visualization solutions in the form of digital bookshelves. These can be personalized and/or integrated on your intranet, extranet and website.

Complement your website with updatable docu-centric systems. By using our content manager you can publish all kinds of content and complement the CMS manager, taking advantage of the publications and documents that currently have to be manually uploaded and replicated on multiple sites. Thanks to our system you can distribute the same content in one or dozens of websites automatically.

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Do you want to save time by automatizing content publishing on your website and make sure that the information you present is always up-to-date?

Automate the publishing of promotions, news and events in various channels with automated expiration control.

This solution can be used by any business and by any person in a question of minutes without any prior technical know-how. You will have full autonomy to present information and delete, modify or temporarily suspend it in a matter of seconds. The functions for controlling the process are simple and easy to use.

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Do you want access statistics in real time that help you to know your stakeholders better?

Centralized managing and statistics for controlling the interactivity of your traditional and on-line advertising campaigns and communications.

With BHybrid you can create a technological stakeholder map which will allow you to apply business and operational intelligence to your advertising actions, BTL (below the line) actions, and to your events in real-time. You will get integrated ROI, which allows you to better manage your resources and make better use of your communication channels without operationally separating them. This will help you to spread the budget rationally based on customers, aligning your budgets with your On-line and Off-line distribution together with the hybrid area connecting the two.

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Do you want to leverage your traditional product catalogs and website presentations to attract attention and improve sales?

We offer a solution that allows you to enhance your online marketing using traditional resources on your website that are already available and printed.

You can virtualize marketing materials that go to print, saving hours of work, and thanks to click2buy solutions you can turn your promotional material into a sales generating tool.

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Do you want to interactively present your catalogs in one or dozens of sales points?

Making use of your current printed material, your catalogs and product brochures can be presented in a visual and dynamic format in bigger screens or in an interactive format in digital bookshelves through digital signage.

This allows you to digitally distribute your marketing material to one or dozens of sales points, improving communication with customers while saving time and money at the same time. This solution also helps reducing environmental impact, indirect transport and storage costs as well as direct costs through the possible reduction of paper consumption.

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Do you want to turn your business cards into a new distribution and communication channel for your content?

A new promotional channel, with your content always available and up-to-date.

This enriched business card solution allows you to manage and organize corporate business cards for one or more interrelated companies, managing multiple countries, languages, locations, functions and departments with surprising ease.

Whether for day to day sales work, trade shows, events or presentations all employees as well as direct and indirect collaborators can benefit from this service.

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