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Do you want to be able to contact the most interested leads after sending a campaign to thousands of recipients?

One problem when working with B2B marketing and sales is the monitoring and evaluating of bulk e-mail campaigns.

Our customers are increasing their success rates and sales by carrying out pro-active follow-up in a manner that has previously been impossible.

We help B2B marketing and sales professionals to contact leads, resulting from campaigns, who have shown an interest for the e-mail content and still have a clear memory of it.

Featured benefits:

Makes proactive sales follow-up of massive e-mail campaigns possible.
Improves the follow-up of individual leads which is crucial for closing new contracts.
Save time using the promotional material you already have and forget about coding email contents manually.

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Do you want to increase the number of clients and contracts closed during and after a trade show?

Effective monitoring of leads at trade shows

Our clients have been able to increase sales at trade shows by knowing who to contact first once the show is over.

One of the biggest challenges when you participate in a trade show or event is to track leads generated at the show, so that new customers and tangible sales results can be generated. Even the best organized professionals and companies reach a point where they can not create better results with the little time they have available. Our clients can overcome this problem because they know who the most interested contacts are and who to contact first, so they get returns greater than they ever imagined before.

With our enriched business cards and digital marketing materials sales professionals have new ways to influence leads and marketing professionals have access to new intelligence for knowing how to improve and help growing the company's sales further.

We help you prevent your sales network from having to carry heavy catalogs and brochures, turning their business cards into a new information delivery system

Your content will always be available and up-to-date.

Whether for day to day sales work, trade shows, events or presentations all employees as well as direct and indirect collaborators can benefit from this service.

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