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Do you find it difficult to communicate with employees who don't have access to e-mail?

A common problem in the internal communication of organizations where many employees do not have e-mail accounts or computer access, is that the messages have very low penetration.

BHybrid provides large format interactive solutions for individual communication (one to one) with each employee through engaging media, which is controlled and constantly updated, allowing control and traceability to be given to your communications.

Do you have problems with the secure distribution of large and strategically sensitive internal documents?

BHybrid offers a high security solution throughout the content manipulation process, once the content has been finished by the author. The combination of systems that control access, content management with various passive or proactive protection systems, static or dynamic, during the distribution and access process, easily and simply provide traceability to any individual or associated content. Knowing that the contents are monitored reduces temptations for unathorized usage and improves security.

Privacy is an illusion in the age of the Internet but traceability is not if you use our independent and automated services.

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Do you know if the recipients of an e-mail communication actually read it? If so, do you know what they have read?

Did you know that it is possible to manage and control the quality of your communications?

A high percentage of files that are sent as attachments or are linked to for downloading are never opened and in many case they are just downloaded or printed, but never read.

Controlling the delivery of an email is simple and knowing if an email has been opened or if a file is downloaded is too but until now it has not been possible to know whether or not the content has been read.

Thanks to email processing systems with delivery monitoring, which is integrated with BHybrid content monitoring systems, you can find out and manage the receiving of information and the quality of your communications.

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