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Corporate Communications

Do you need to share sensitive and/or valuable information in a fast and easy way but without losing control over it?

PDF files become uncontrollable once they have been sent or downloaded. Both intranets and extranets create a lot of misinformation in organizations, since the use of the information is unable to be controlled or managed and there is no control over who reads what.

BHybrid's solutions can autonomously manage, organize and display documents and publications, regulating their access and monitoring their use if necessary.

With this highly customizable solution, we are able to present new methods of regulated information distribution that will help your managers and stakeholders to become better informed.

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Know where, when, what and who views and accesses your documents

Thanks to BHybrid's analytics system, you can control all documents viewed by your interest groups so that you always know who views what. You will also get geo-referenced data, device technical information and access data.

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Do you need to quickly and reliably find relevant information among many different documents?

Our revolutionary system allows you to find any content in a few seconds and to access to specific pages where the text is located.

Thanks to our platform's automated indexing system and robust search algorithm, you can carry out searches on multiple documents of any size and directly access the result pages without downloading files or losing control of the originals.

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Do you still manage and publish your periodical publications on your website manually?

Do you want to automate publishing processes and improve accessibility?

With BHybrid you can update content in a matter of seconds without relying on third parties. You can also lower the workload of your webmaster and automatically improve both the visual and operational organization of your publications in digital bookshelves and in archive mode.

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Do you want to save time and control the distribution of publications and documents without using email attachments?

Did you know that one of the main reasons for spam is incorrect email coding?
Do you know how much time and money it costs to send attachments or properly code an email's design and even control its arrival, success rate or ROI?
Did you know that the use of office automation and traditional client email systems does not allow you to enforce privacy laws in business emails?
BHybrid's email processing system allows any content to be used without having to be coded in html. Thanks to our integration solution for digital content virtualization, with optimized, customizable and preset templates, we can guarantee optimal communication in record time.

The simple process we have designed allows one or more of your stakeholders to be processed in just 3 clicks, eliminating cumbersome email coding and transfer of contact and email data. We help you develop your current processes to be more efficient, and we facilitate regulatory compliance with privacy and antispam laws.

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