Revitalize you content
Communicate better
Get control of information

Get your digital content to be more profitable and accessible by making it flow in a way that PDF does not allow.

Manage the indexation of your content and optimize the control over its distribution.

Manage the active life cycle of your corporate content

Intelligent content management

Improve the management and organization of your digital publications and documents.
Convert your PDF content into a format based on viewing rights accessible via a simple URL and immediate access without any downloads.
Improve your digital content and make it 100% indexable, more accessible, multi-device compatible and always up to date.
Decide who can access your content and if the are allowed to share it with others.

Fast and visual publishing of multiple contents

Publish your content as fast a PDF, but with the same accessibility and traceability as normal text and content on web sites.
Organize multiple contents with different systems of categorization and classification.
Simplify the work for updating content on websites or intranets and automate the publishing process.
Public content with free access: Content Library
Content with restricted access: Intranet for documents

Automatic indexing of contents for faster and easier search

Make it easier for your colleagues and stakeholders to search and find information within large groups of digital publications and documents.
Avoid that information, which is aimed to reach your stakeholders, remain hidden in PDF files and instead make it easy to access the specific page within a publication where the information searched for is found.

Know where, when, what and who views and accesses your documents and publications

Analysis, control, alerts, traceability and real-time metrics of your content
BHybrid's analytic systems allow information to be automatically captured on content, visitors, geolocation, devices used and access channels among others.


Content marketing automation all the way from capturing new leads until they are delivered as qualified and interested prospect directly to your inbox.



Maximize the ROI of your digital content and make the information flow replacing the PDF format for improving accessibility and optimize the control of its distribution.

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